Star Wars Figure Song (Johnny Cash Star Wars)

October 8, 2016 – For collectors of vintage Star Wars action figures (1977-1985), you just might enjoy this musical tribute with the refrain, “I’m a Star Wars fan, man….”

Produced by Jersey Flix, the video stars Michael Valentino with music and vocals performed by Thomas Cavanaugh. Sung to the tune “I’ve Been Everywhere” by the late Johnny Cash, the lyrics were written by Michael Miceli. The full lyrics can be found in the YouTube link.

How they managed to get their hands on a rare and precious Vlix – and a spring-loaded firing Boba Fett – is almost as impressive as the song itself. (Hint: Four collectors loaned the figures for the music video.) And then there’s the vinyl-caped Jawa!

Kenner produced more than 100 3.75-inch Star Wars action figures between 1977 and 1985. With so many more figures (and vehicles) not mentioned in the video above, might there be a follow-up video? Stay tuned and see.


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