Phil Tippett Auction Begins: Own a Piece of Star Wars History

October 12, 2016 – Now is your chance to bid on, and to possibly own, an authentic piece of Star Wars history.
The Phil Tippett Auction began Oct. 10th and will end Oct. 21st at 9:00 AM PDT. The online auction house is accepting bids worldwide, and its website promises “a unique collection of original props, costumes, and more from the career of veteran visual effects artist and filmmaker Phil Tippett.”

Auction items include an original Duros mask, the Dianoga trash compactor monster, a Star Wars crew shirt, a Tauntaun maquette, Tauntaun head casts, a background AT-AT photo cutout, hand drawn AT-AT animation notes, a Rancor sequence storyboard binder, and a rock wart (venomous creature with eight legs and four eyes) alien sketch with storyboards.

Dianoga monster prop from the trash compactor scene

Dianoga monster prop from the trash compactor scene

Phil Tippett (b. 1951) is an American movie director and a visual effects supervisor and producer. He specializes in creature design and character animation.

In 1975, George Lucas hired Tippett to create a stop-motion miniature chess scene for the first Star Wars film. For The Empire Strikes Back (1980), he co-developed the animation technique called “go motion” to animate the Imperial AT-AT Walkers and the tauntauns. Tippett also served as the make-up designer for Return of the Jedi (1983) while heading the famous creature shop at Lucasfilm, for which he was awarded his first Academy Award in 1984.

Visit to preview the auction items and to place your bid. The auction ends Oct. 21st at 9:00 AM PDT.


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