Star Wars Celebration 2019 Announced

UPDATE on April 16, 2017: At the end of the Closing Ceremonies on April 16th, host Warwick Davis closed the show and thanked everyone for coming – but the next host city for Star Wars Celebration was never announced.

The decision to not reveal the next venue for 2019 came as a shock or disappointment to many in the audience. At best, it looks like we will have to wait patiently for future word from ReedPOP, the organizer, or Disney/Lucasfilm. Stay tuned.

Breaking with tradition, the future host city for the next Star Wars Celebration was not announced at the Closing Ceremonies in Orlando on April 16th. (Photo Credit: Joseph E. Lucas)

March 8, 2017 – today announced that after Celebration Orlando concludes, the next Celebration gathering will be held in two years or sometime in 2019.

No city, country or exact dates have been provided. Traditionally, the next host city is announced during the closing ceremonies of the current Celebration. So expect an updated announcement on April 16th, when Celebration Orlando concludes.

During the closing ceremonies of Celebration Anaheim on April 19, 2015, the next host city – London – was announced.

For hopeful fans looking forward to attending in 2018, today’s news will be a disappointment. However, the history of Star Wars Celebration shows that it has not always been an annual event. During the first 12 years or so, gaps of two to three years were common.

Here is a rundown of Celebration dates and cities:

● Celebration I (April 30-May 2, 1999) Denver, Colorado
● Celebration II (May 3-5, 2002) Indianapolis, Indiana
● Celebration III (April 21-24, 2005) Indianapolis
● Celebration IV (May 24-28 2007) Los Angeles
● Celebration Europe (July 13-15, 2007) London
● Celebration Japan (July 19-21, 2008) Chiba, Japan
● Celebration V (Aug. 12-15, 2010) Orlando, Florida
● Celebration VI (Aug. 16-19, 2012) Orlando
● Celebration Europe II (July 26-28, 2013) Essen, Germany
● Celebration Anaheim (April 16-19, 2015) Anaheim, California
● Celebration Europe III (July 15-17, 2016) London
● Celebration Orlando (April 13-16, 2017) Orlando

Event organizer ReedPOP, with 12 Celebration events under its belt, might welcome the two-year reprieve. And so will some fans and their wallets, who might appreciate the breather.

But don’t go to sleep just yet. Tickets for the next event usually go on sale within days or hours after the current Celebration has ended. And VIP tickets always sell out within the first hour.

But for those not willing or able to commit so far in advance, enjoy the 2-year breather. There will always be something to celebrate.


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