REVIEW: Jedha Revolt 4-Pack

March 22, 2017 – Hasbro has released an all-new 4-pack, Jedha Revolt (MSRP $24.99), which allows you to re-enact Jyn Erso’s meeting with the rebel extremist, Saw Gerrera, in Rogue One. Jedha is the desert moon orbiting the planet NaJedha and is a spiritual center for followers of the Force.

Jedha Revolt is one boxed set you don’t want to overlook as it introduces two new figures that fans will long appreciate: Saw Gerrera and Edrio Two Tubes. Other fans will also appreciate the Imperial Hovertank Pilot, the Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha) figure which is a repack, and the five accessories (four firearms and Saw Gerrera’s staff).

A Beautiful Box

The first thing to capture your attention is the beautiful packaging of Jedha Revolt. The box is compact at 7.5 inches wide, 9.5 inches high, and 2 inches deep (19cm x 24cm x 5cm), similar in size and appearance to last year’s Takodana Encounter. The artwork on the box cover prominently features Saw Gerrera and Jyn Erso, surrounded on either side by Edrio Two Tubes and the Imperial Hovertank Pilot.

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Some collectors will likely be tempted to leave the figures in the box, as is, for display purposes. Intentional or not, this is art. Even if you decide to open the box (which you will), be sure to save the box.

The back of the box describes the four characters in four languages, which you can read HERE.

Saw Gerrera

Hasbro has really hit a home run with this first, and so far only, release of Saw Gerrera. The face sculpt and detailed painting are amazing. The 3.75-inch figure looks nearly exactly like Saw, or actor Forest Whitaker who portrayed him in Rogue One.

Of the four figures, Saw is the bulkiest in that he is molded with the most plastic to replicate his taller height and greater girth. Because the figure is a bit top-heavy, you will have to manipulate some combination of the feet and perhaps an arm in order to stand him upright.

Notice the well-crafted left sandaled foot and a right prosthetic limb. Other details – Saw’s cape, two semi-flexible breathing tubes, belt with holster, and two accesories (a staff and a blaster) – add to the realism.

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The figure’s weakness, of course, is the limited 5POA articulation. Moreso, his left arm can swivel only part way up because of a molded piece of “armor” on his left shoulder. The right shoulder has freer range of movement.

Overall, we predict the Saw Gerrera figure will likely be a fan-favorite for a long time to come.

Edrio Two Tubes

Gaze into his cold unblinking eyes and you will think Edrio Two Tubes is daring you to a fight.

His two breathing hoses are somewhat flexible and feel like rubbery plastic. The paint applications are very detailed and meticulous, and the dirty wash on his outer garment adds to the realism.

Two Tubes comes with one of the longest rifles of any Star Wars action figure. But size alone doesn’t mean perfection. The rifle is monochromatic with no paint details, and it feels awfully “flat” – like when you put too much milk into your pancake batter, and it spreads out way too flat on the griddle. And good luck trying to pose Two Tubes with the rifle; his small cupped hands don’t want to hold the rifle very well.

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Overlooking those deficiencies, Two Tubes will add interest to your collection. Judging by Ebay prices for a loose Two Tubes, he appears to be a popular fellow. So grab him while you can.

Imperial Hovertank Pilot

It’s time to expand your armies with the Imperial Hovertank Pilot.

While the 5POA configuration obviously limits the ways in which you can pose him, he is still finely crafted enough to add to your collection. The helmet is not removable, so there’s nothing beneath it to see.

The hovertank pilot comes with one accessory, a nicely molded blaster, which fits easily into his gloved hands.

Because Hasbro has dramatically reduced the number of compatible 3.75-inch-line vehicles it releases, we doubt we will ever see a proper hovertank. Nevertheless, this fact should not dissuade you from acquiring the Imperial Hovertank Pilot.

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Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha)

Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha) is the weak link in the set. The figure is a re-issue from its first release in October, 2016. In fact, you can still find the old single-carded release peg-warming at retail stores five months later. The face sculpt and paint applications haven’t changed, they are sub-standard, and they do not really resemble Felicity Jones’ onscreen appearance.

In this 4-pack set, Jyn Erso comes with a small blaster, which fits into one of her hands or into her belt holster. Thematically, it makes perfect sense to include Jyn Erso in the boxed set. But we wish Hasbro had instead introduced another member of Saw’s gang, or a duplicate Edrio Two Tubes (he’s that good), or even the scarce Shoretrooper. Perhaps it’s time for Disney to borrow a page from its other big hit, Frozen, and to “Let It Go”.

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Released in March, 2017, Jedha Revolt should not be difficult to find. If buying online, you can try ($24.99 with free shipping in the U.S.) or Star Action Figures in the U.K.(£32.95), among others.

SUMMARY: What We Like and Do Not Like

● Saw Gerrera and Two Tubes, with their spot-on accuracy and highly detailed features, will no doubt become fan-favorites for a long time.
● Imperial Hovertank Pilot is a “must have”. But when will Hasbro release the hovertank vehicle?
● Five accessories: Saw is equipped with a staff and a blaster. Jyn and the Hovertank Pilot also come with their own blasters, which look and feel proportional to their bodies. However, Edrio Two Tubes’ long rifle is too flat, lacks heft, and would benefit from a paint wash or detailing.
● The box artwork + the beautifully framed figures = shadowbox art
● A reasonably priced set
● All figures are 5POA, which is now the general standard for Hasbro’s 3.75-inch figures.
● Jyn Erso is an unfortunate repack. The figure is posed too stiffly and awkwardly for our tastes. Time for a new approach?

What Others Are Saying

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