2017 Hourly Autograph Schedule for Star Wars Celebration Orlando

NOTE: This post was updated April 10th with revised autograph schedules, which you can read HERE. Do not use or rely on the schedules below.

April 2, 2017 – Listed below are the dates, times and locations for each of the celebrities signing autographs at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. To pre-purchase autograph and photo-op tickets, visit StarWarsAuthentics.com.

To date, 33 actors from the Original Trilogy, the prequels, Star Wars Rebels, and Rogue One are scheduled to appear. For Friday, the green boxes labeled “TBA” under Line B are likely to be assigned to Hayden Christensen. For the remaining “TBA” boxes, they suggest there’s room for 2 or 3 more actors or crew members to be announced in the coming days.

Thursday, April 13th

Friday, April 14th

Saturday, April 15th

Sunday, April 16th

The Autograph Hall is located on the main show floor, across from the Celebration store. Go to West Hall A1. If you have not pre-purchased tickets online for autographs and/or photo opportunities, you can purchase them at the Autograph Hall, subject to availability.

Pre-sales for Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) and Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) are now sold out. Whether or not additional tickets will become available, either online or in the Autograph Hall, is unknown at this time.

Launched in December, 2016, StarWarsAuthentics is a joint venture of Topps, Authenticator Inc., and Lucasfilm. StarWarsAuthentics.com is the official online source for photos and authenticated autographs from iconic Star Wars actors. To view any updates to the above schedule, click here.

UPDATE: Click HERE for an updated article on revised schedules and the addition of Forest Whitaker posted April 7th.


2017 Hourly Autograph Schedule for Star Wars Celebration Orlando (Update 2/Final)

2017 Autograph and Photo-Op Prices for Star Wars Celebration Orlando


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