More Tips for Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

April 5, 2017 – In the video below, SWActionNews offers some helpful tips for making the most of your time at Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

Summary of Tips Discussed:

● Time management: Study the schedules ahead of time and pick what is most important to you. It’s impossible to see and do everything.

● Bring lots of cash. Not every vendor accepts a credit or debit card, and you can sometimes get a better deal from a vendor if you pay cash.

● Avoid the on-site ATM: There may be a withdrawal limit (sometimes $100 per transaction) and a usurious fee ($20 per transaction). In addition, it’s another line you can avoid if you bring cash ahead of time.

● Bottled Water: Why pay $4.00 or $5.00 for a bottle of water at the convention center? Buy a case at home and bring your own. Or if you forget, stop at a local Walgreen’s (there’s one near the convention center), CVS or Walmart and pay a fraction of the convention price.

● Healthy Snacks: Bring your own healthy snacks, whether it’s granola or protein bars, trail mix, fruits, single-serving snacks.

● Backpack, Sling Bag or Messenger Bag: Not too large, but durable enough to carry your essentials plus the Star Wars loot you will acquire at Celebration.

● Protectors: Bring sturdy courier envelopes/plastic envelopes (to protect your celebrity photos, comic books, and art prints) and an expandable poster tube.

● Comfortable Shoes: Take care of your feet. You will be standing and walking for miles at the convention site.

● Personal Care Kit: pain-reliever (Advil, Tylenol), hand sanitizer, band-aid, lip balm, breath mints, etc.

● Carry a Sharpie pen or paint-pen. You never know when a celebrity might make a surprise appearance on the floor and autograph something for you.

● Photography: Smart phones are great for the quick pic, but a good DSLR camera always gives you better quality photos.

● Bring extra batteries or a power supplement and extra memory cards.

● Talk to others in line. There are a good number of solo people traveling alone. You might even start a new friendship or two. Also connect with other solos at the Flying Solo Facebook Group and at Booth 2255.

● Swag: If you’re interested in picking up some swag or trading with other collectors, head for the social collectors’ rooms (W305AB) or look for swag traders roaming about. (They might be wearing a swag badge or a lanyard with tons of identical pins.) Bring your own patches, pins, trading cards, Star Tots (even from past Celebrations) and unique items, and see what swag you can find.

Check out the Facebook group SWCO SWAG.

● Shipping something home? Consider bringing packing tape and a flattened cardboard box to your hotel room, where you can later pack and seal your items at the end of the day. Vendors on site may also have empty boxes.

● Sleep and Rest: Celebration Orlando is not an endurance test. Make sure you get enough sleep between days. It’s OK to leave the building, grab a bite elsewhere, or take a breather in your hotel room before returning refreshed.


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