Scavenger Hunt for the Republic Gunship Patch at Celebration Orlando

April 12, 2017 – If you like challenging scavenger hunts, here’s one for you at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. But be forewarned, there are 12 patches scattered across 12 locations within the halls of Celebration Orlando.

The massive Republic Gunship patch ensemble consists of 12 patches. When assembled together, the combo measures 21″W x 12.9″H.

The 12-piece puzzle patch set features Clone Commanders from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The entire set measures nearly two-feet wide and more than one foot tall.

While there is no cost to acquire the patches, they may be difficult to secure. For starters, the scavenger hunt spans all four days of Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Also, only 250 pieces of each set will be available April 13-16, 2017.

A close-up view of some of the patches making up the Republic Gunship

So how do you find and collect the patches? Start by visiting the sponsors, including:

1. Mandalorian Mercs, Booth #1860: Jango Fett
2. The 501st Legion, Booth #3514: Commander Appo
3. Norwich Star Wars Club UK, Booth #1944: Captain Rex
4. The Rebel Legion, Booth #1506: Commander Cody
5. Line Force Fan Club, Booth #1954: Commander Bly
6. The Galactic Academy, Booth #1110: Boba Fett
7. The Emerald Garrison: Commander Fox
8. Line Force Fan Club, Booth #1954: Commander Bacara
9. Rancho Obi-Wan, Steve Sansweet: Commander Wolffe
10. F.A.Y.A.S.W.C.: Commander Gree
11. Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance, Booth #1112: Commander Neyo
12. R2-Detroit: Celebration Logo

Additionally, the Emerald Garrison, F.A.Y.A.S.W.C. & R2-Detroit do not have booths at the show, but their members will be roaming the halls and may visit the Line Force Fan Club (Booth #1954) from time to time. The Line Force Fan Club will also be posting updates daily on where to find the three clubs on their Facebook page.

Another close-up view

Each group will have different requirements in order to obtain each group’s unique patch. You will need to visit each booth and inquire about their requirements.

There Is Another ….

If the 12-patch scavenger hunt proves too daunting, there is a somewhat easier 6-patch hunt you could try:
The five sponsoring clubs include,,, and The sixth patch is acquired through participation in the Re-collections Video Project.


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