Why the Return of Hasbro’s Vintage Collection Is Such a Big Deal

April 18, 2017 – During the Hasbro panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando on April 15th, Hasbro announced the return of the super-articulated (SA) 3.75-inch Vintage Collection.

A fan favorite, The Vintage Collection and the SA figures essentially stopped in 2012. While a few SA figures were still being released as exclusives through certain retailers, collectors had begun to believe that the 3.75-inch line was all but dead.

Hasbro did little to relieve collector anxiety with its cryptic remarks that every story has “a beginning, a middle and an end”; its release of 5POA figures to the chagrin of many collectors; and Hasbro’s greater focus on its 6-inch Black Series action figure line.

The Vintage Collection ran from the summer of 2010 through 2012. It began with Dengar (VC001) and ended with Darth Vader (VC115).

So why is the return of The Vintage Collection, after a half-decade’s absence, such a big deal to collectors?

1. As a collector-focused line, The Vintage Collection provides its figures the super-articulation and poseability that fans have been begging/pleading/pestering Hasbro for over the last five years. There will be no clumsy 5 points of articulation for any VC figure.

2. The Vintage Collection, which started in the summer of 2010 and continued through 2012, was abruptly put on hiatus by Hasbro for two years. But with the passage of time, “two years” became “maybe never”. The VC line’s announced return for the spring of 2018 means that longtime collectors can resume collecting a hugely popular set of figures.

3. The Vintage Collection’s product packaging is nearly identical to that of the original Kenner toy series sold between 1978 and 1984. Aesthetically, the VC packaging has proven to be, by far, one of the most popular designs.

4. The first SA figure in the VC line will be Rey from The Force Awakens. You can see her in the video above. This will be the first super-poseable Rey and will, no doubt, ignite fans’ hunger for a re-release of other figures in need of a SA update.

5. The next figure in the returning Vintage Collection line has not yet been determined as Hasbro is now conducting a fan poll. You can vote for your favorite alien, droid, hero or villain from the Star Wars universe. But hurry: the poll ends April 19th.

6. Unlike the Black Series 3.75-inch figures, which had become a Walmart exclusive, The Vintage Collection will be available at many retailers and at HasbroyToyShop.com. Walmart badly mismanaged the Black Series line, creating needless bottlenecks and limiting availability.

7. Finally, the return of The Vintage Collection is such a big deal because it means Hasbro is not completely tone-deaf to the preferences and requests of the fan base. This sign gives us great hope. While the toy company has had lots of misses and made terrible decisions in the last few years (Star Wars Angry Birds? Star Wars Command? 5POA?), it can, on occasion, do something incredibly smart.


4 thoughts on “Why the Return of Hasbro’s Vintage Collection Is Such a Big Deal

  1. Hi,

    Will the new 2018 vintage collection 3-3/4 figure line continue on from the figures already released in the previous 2010-2012 line?
    OR are they going to re-do them all and start again?


  2. I am in full excitement with anticipation. I look forward to all of the figures being released. Can you give a hint as to if the Star Wars Animated show Rebels will have any characters in this line. For example, Kanan Jarrus.

    • No word yet on any “Star Wars Rebels” characters in The Vintage Collection 3.75-inch line for 2018. Based on displays at Hascon 2017 and other reports, some likely first releases could include:

      Imperial Hovertank Pilot from “Rogue One”
      Kylo Ren
      Rey (Jakku)
      Jyn Erso
      First Order Stormtrooper (Ep. VII)
      Rebel Soldier (Hoth)

      (Yes, quite a few repacks, unfortunately.) The launch date is April 20, 2018. MSRP will be $12.99, the same price that Walmart has been charging for its TBS 3.75″ figures. Expect eight figures per case pack. Snoke and Doctor Chelli Aphra (winner of the fan vote) will likely be released in a separate wave(s).

  3. I’m concerned the line will die because of all the repacks. I hope fans will buy it anyway. I know I will buy what I can.

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