So How Much Did You Spend at Star Wars Celebration Orlando?

April 19, 2017 – So how much did you spend at Star Wars Celebration Orlando?

If you are suffering from buyer’s remorse or feel a bit guilty from blowing the bank, take comfort in what your fellow travelers have spent. Or if you are just curious, read the Facebook comments below.

A Facebook reader on the “Flying Solo at Star Wars Celebrations” page asked fellow members how much they had spent. Predictably, travel and lodging were the biggest expenses. And while some splurged on big-ticket items (autographs, photo ops, certain collectibles, even tatoos), others were very frugal and still had a blast.

A great way to save on lodging costs was to share a room. A number of Facebook members in the Flying Solo group found a fellow member or two to help split hotel costs.

Staying at a moderate-priced motel, while it was further away from the convention center, helped to keep costs down.

These readers say they spent, respectively, $600, $600, $1,000, $1,000-2000, and $1,100.

If you spent around $1,500, including air fare, you’re probably somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Bruce wins our “Smart Shopper” award as he closely tracked his spending and kept his costs low by using frequent flyer points, uber and relying on groceries ($39) for most of the week. As a bonus, he even won a $50 gift card at Disney Springs for screening a movie, which he applied toward some low-cost purchases. Total spent: About $548. By contrast, Ben’s experience ($2K) closely mirrors what a lot of other fans did as well.

Kevin spent $2,300, Sean $2,000, Fernand $3,000 (he flew from Germany), and Deb $1,500. Lakota flew in from South Africa, so we don’t know her total costs. But she did point out another budget-friendly idea: AirBnB. By spending only $300 for six nights, her daily lodging was only $50/night.

Some highs and lows: Alice spent only $67 while Kyle spent about $4,000, albeit for a full week. And it looks like Kasey slept in a van. You can’t put a price on that experience.

Another $4K spender was Wayne. But he spent 10 days in Orlando, so that works out to about $400 per day.

Rob from the UK spent £2.5K (about $3,200), Mairéad from Ireland spent 1500 Euro (about $1,600), Brett from Minnesotta $5,000, and Edo from the Netherlands 1250 Euro (about $1,340).

Evan Payne is the creator/admin for the Flying Solo group. His answer is our favorite:

So from a low of $67 to a high of $5,000 – at least in the comments above – fans from around the world found a way to make their way to Star Wars Celebration Orlando and to spend within their means.

Certainly the memories of Celebration Orlando will last a lifetime. And you can’t put a price on that, can you?


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