How To Replace Vinyl Capes on Your Vintage Star Wars Figures

April 22, 2017 – Dave Moss has a passion for restoring vintage toys from Star Wars and other retro toy lines. Thanks to him and his Toy Polloi YouTube channel, you can now replace the torn or missing vinyl capes and cloth capes from your Star Wars action figures.

If you have beaters or “naked” Star Wars figures laying about, you can now rescue them from your Island of Misfit Toys with the clever instructions and cape patterns provided in the Toy Polloi videos.

Keep in mind that color-matching the vinyl or cloth from the vintage capes of decades ago can be somewhat challenging. But if you are looking to create capes that are inexpensive, easy to make, and “close enough” in appearance, then the Toy Polloi videos below will show you how.

Emperor’s Royal Guard Replacement Cape

Be careful not to break the head of the Emperor’s Royal Guard, which is glued on. See how to properly remove the head here:

Obi-Wan Kenobi Replacement Cape

Princess Leia Organa Replacement Cape

Jawa Replacement Vinyl Cape

You could, of course, turn to Ebay or other third parties to find a replacement cape. But as the video below demonstrates, the vinyl color you receive in the mail may be a terrible mismatch for your vintage Jawa figure. Why not, instead, take your Jawa with you to the hobby craft store or discount store, and see if you can find a more perfect color match?

Snowtrooper Replacement Cape

Technically, the Snowtrooper does not wear a “cape” per se. The vinyl wrap attaches itself only around the waist. But what great army-building fun you will have as you make these snow-white vinyl replacements for all your “cape”-less Snowtroopers.

General Lando Replacement Cape

Vintage 12-Inch Darth Vader Replacement Cape

SOMEWHAT RELATED ARTICLE: has an excellent visual guide and notes comparing original capes, variants, repros and counterfeit capes. The article, which you can read HERE, is well worth your time and a great resource.

TIP: If you google image, say, “Star Wars vintage capes” or “ffurg snowtrooper”, you will find a wealth of cape patterns and websites discussing them.

DOWNLOAD: You can download the cape patterns HERE for free, courtesy of ToyPolloi.

SUPPORT: If you are a fan of Toy Polloi and would like to support the videos, check out:

For decal and sticker PDF’s, visit


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