A Custom-Built Jabba’s Palace and Rancor Cave

April 27, 2017 – Over the years, we have featured some custom-built Star Wars vehicles and themed sets made by model-builder David Styles of Colorado.

Some of the more complex creations have included:

Jabba’s Sail Barge
The Sarlacc Pit
The Emperor’s Throne Room
● a Neimoidian Shuttle

Best of all, each vehicle or themed environment is compatible with your 3.75-inch action figures. The scaled proportions allow you to pose your vintage Star Wars figures in any number of configurations.

In keeping with that interactive tradition, David Styles’ newest custom-built creation is Jabba’s Palace and Rancor Cave. This is no easy feat considering how much larger the themed environment must be to accommodate the large Jabba and an even larger Rancor Monster.

A Two-in-One Combined Environment

The model set pictured below was built for a Singaporean customer. (Yes, David Styles does accept custom requests.) The detailed Jabba’s Palace and Rancor Cave are really two playsets, one stacked upon the other.

Jabba’s Palace (top) and the Rancor Cave (below). [All photo credits: David Styles]

The dimensions are 48″L x 24″W x 30″H (122cm L x 61cm W x 76cm H), large enough to fit most all of Jabba the Hutt’s entourage.

The palace is made of cardboard and foam core with resin grates that allow light into the throne, cave and trophy areas. David added, “I painted the palace walls with a coarse texture acrylic paint to give it a sand/stone look. For this diorama, the fan I made it for is going to paint the weathering and aging on the walls, install the TaunTaun heads in the Trophy Room and install the controls panels in the caves.”

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Special Features and Details

David points out that “the palace floor has a trap door to the Rancor cave for unsuspecting enemies of the noble Jabba. And the large grates on the palace floor allow Jabba and his henchmen to enjoy the viewing of the Rancor while it dismembers its meals.”

The BBQ grill behind Jabba’s throne is made of resin and and wood dowels. The charcoal is coarse sand painted black, yellow and red.

Beneath Jabba’s throne is the Rancor’s cave, which is constructed from several materials, including cardboard and crumpled paper with a plaster coating for the rock structure. These materials are superimposed on a wood frame for stability. The paint application consists of a brownish-gray wash and then spray painted with a stone-textured finish.

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Notice the gate separating the small and large caves. The wooden gate slides up through the ceiling of the cave and outside the right wall of the throne.

The grand cave also features a smaller cave for Luke to hide in while the Rancor eats any unfortunate Gamorrean Guards or Twi’lek dancers.

As for the bones and skeletons, David says they are remnants from Halloween. You can find them seasonally at your local craft store, drug store or thrift shop such as Dollar General or Dollar Store.

The small cave to the left will fit Jabba’s Dungeon playset. The small cave to the right features a sliding barred door, behind which the Rancor Keeper can safely watch his favorite pet. The base measures four feet long (48″ L /122cm L).

For direct inquiries, you can email David Styles at this link.


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