REVIEW: Disney’s C1-10P “CHOPPER”

April 28, 2017 – Disney’s amazing Droid Factory series never ceases to impress. Disneys latest release, the ever popular C1-10P droid, or “Chopper”, packs an incredible punch in its little 2.25-inch tall frame.

An all-new release (April 2017), the sassy droid allows you to replicate its numerous scenes and poses as seen in Star Wars Rebels. In fact, we counted an impressive 16 points of articulation (up from only 3 POA’s in Hasbro’s oft-criticized version).

Disney’s Chopper will take pride of place in either your Star Wars Rebels collection or in your droid display. There are so many admirable qualities (yes, we are gushing), where to begin?

First, the paint applications are sharp and detailed, faithfully mimicking the on-screen droid.

Second, Chopper comes with 16 points of articulation (listed below). You will find near-limitless ways to pose and display the little runt droid.

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Third, the purposely mismatched droid comes with four legs: Out of the package, three legs are already attached, including a wheeled left leg, a different-looking wheeled right leg, and a middle leg whose wheel looks suspiciously like it came from a shopping cart. The fourth extra leg is a loose accessory, which allows you to re-enact the Season 2 episode, “The Forgotten Droid”. In that episode, Chopper steals another astromech’s leg.

We’re so glad Disney noticed!

Finally, the middle leg (the shopping cart wheeled leg) can be removed and replaced with a booster jet.

How Hasbro’s 2014 Version Differs

Hasbro was the first to release its version of Chopper in November, 2014, in the Rebels Saga Legends toy line. Priced then at $6.99, the Ralph McQuarrie-inspired droid was difficult to find perhaps due to the popularity of Star Wars Rebels and its brave droid, or perhaps due to Hasbro’s failure to produce sufficient quantities.

At first glance, Hasbro’s Chopper is a beauty to behold with its bright orange dome and nicely executed paint applications. But the No. 1 complaint from fans has been the droid’s woefully limited articulation: The articulation includes a swivel dome and two swivel legs. That’s it.

Hasbro’s Chopper (left) versus Disney’s Chopper (right) [Photo Credit:]

Missing from Hasbro’s lazy version is Chopper’s unique third leg – humorously, on-screen it looks suspiciously like a shopping cart wheel. Also missing is the jet booster, which allows Chopper to fly around. And most glaring of all are the missing arm attachments, which extend from Chopper’s dome and are a key design feature from the late great Ralph McQuarrie.

In the video below, YouTuber SithLord229 (“Steve”) points out the flaws of Hasbro’s 2014 Chopper:

Disney’s C1-10P fixes all those shortcomings with its incredible sixteen (16!) points of articulation: swivel dome, moveable antenna, swivel front repair arm, left shoulder, right shoulder, double-jointed left arm, double-jointed right arm, swivel left leg, swivel right leg, hinged left foot, hinged right foot, and rolling wheels on all three legs.

In addition, Disney’s Chopper comes with two accessories: a booster rocket (pull off the third wheeled-leg and insert the rocket) and an interchangeable right leg.

Where to Find Disney’s Chopper

Chopper was ostensibly a Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusive (April 13-16, 2017) available at the Disney exhibit on the main show floor. But that “exclusive” label is a bit misleading because nowhere on the packaging – either through an “SWCO” exclusive label or unique markings – does this figure appear any different from the version you can now find at certain Disney Parks.

We picked up our version at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando at the “Mickey’s of Hollywood” store near the park entrance. Priced at $12.99 (or $10.39 with your Annual Passholder 20% discount or Disney Vacation Club 20% discount), Chopper will add great value to your collection of droids or Rebels characters.

Just over a week ago, Chopper was briefly available for purchase on the Shop Disney Parks app with shipping to U.S. addresses. Currently, however, Chopper is only available for in-store purchase. Use the app to locate the store(s) and stock availability.

Buy two Choppers: You’ll be doubly grateful!

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