REVIEW: Disney’s R-3DO

May 2, 2017 – Disney’s all-new R-3DO protocol droid was first offered at Star Wars Celebration Orlando (April 13-16, 2017). But you can find the bright red droid with the piercing yellow eyes at certain Disney Theme Park stores and, on occasion, using the Shop Disney Parks app ($12.99).

But first a question: What is the difference between a red Tootsie Roll Pop and the bright red figure from Disney’s Droid Factory?

ANSWER: They are both luminescently red, but the Tootsie Pop is zero-POA while R-3DO is 21POA.

All kidding aside, you might actually enjoy having a Tootsie Pop more.

What We Don’t Like

Collectors’ hunger for super-articulated figures is so great that they might well be happy with the super-poseable R-3DO, which offers an impressive 21 points of articulation.

While we are thrilled with the return of articulated joints, the fundamental problem with R-3DO is the oddly bright-red coloring. Visually the shiny red hue reminds us of candy – a Tootsie Roll Pop or a gummy bear, perhaps. In our view, the action figure’s color does not match the R-3DO character seen standing behind General Leia on the tarmac in The Force Awakens. A more muted, darker tone of red would have been a better match.

Essentially, this is a clone of C-3PO with new paint coloring. Aesthetically, we can’t believe the bright red figure will be anyone’s favorite to collect or display.

But if you are a collector of Disney’s Droid Factory figures, or a big droid fan in general, or seek every last The Force Awakens figure, then all that red plastic will not dissuade you from purchasing him.

What We Do Like

Once you get beyond the splash of red, R-3DO is a fun figure to pose.

He has 21 points of articulation: a swivel head, swivel shoulders, ball-jointed elbows, swivel wrists, a ball-jointed torso, swivel hips, ball-jointed knees, and ball-jointed ankles.

And because R-3DO is symmetrical, slim and lightweight, he doesn’t have an off-center or heavy center of gravity. So posing the droid is relatively easy.

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Priced at $12.99, R-3DO will not please everyone’s budget. However, if you or someone you know has a Disney Annual Pass or Disney Vacation Club (timeshare) membership, you can buy the droid at 20% off, or for $10.39.

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If you decide to pass on this purchase, R-3DO’s absence from your collection likely will not be noticed. There will always be better protocol and astromech droids coming down the pipeline from the Droid Factory collection. And for that, we have to say, “Thank you, Disney!”


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