Supreme Leader Snoke and Other Figures Coming “Soon”?

May 6, 2017 – A reader on a JTA forum recently posted a snapshot of the following GameStop internal memo:

A peek at possible 6-inch action figures coming “soon”?

We put coming “soon” in quotes because The Force Awakens was released Dec. 18, 2015 – nearly 1 1/2 years ago – and still, Hasbro has not released a TFA Luke or a Supreme Leader Snoke.

If the above GameStop pre-order list is true, we may at last see an incarnation – at least in plastic – of a Snoke posed sitting on his throne as well as a possible stand-alone Snoke.

The list of Star Wars Black Series 6-inch figures (with some editorial comments in red) reads as follows:

AF SW BLK 6in E1 Qui Gon Jinn (Price) 22.99
AF SW BLK 6in E4 Darth Vador SD9/1 22.99
(Note misspelling of “Vader”. This may be a 40th Anniversary Legacy repack of Vader.)

AF SW BLK 6in E4 Stormtrooper SD9/1 22.99 (a possible repack)
AF SW BLK 6in E5 Lando Calrissian 22.99
AF SW BLK 6in E6 Imperial Royal Guar(d) 22.99

AF SW BLK 6in E8 Cool Beta SD 9/1 22.99
(“Cool Beta” = Hasbro code name for ____? from E8/Episode VIII)

AF SW BLK 6in E8 Foxtrot SD 9/1 22.99 (“Foxtrot” = Hasbro code name for ____?)
AF SW BLK 6in R Blue Leader SD 9/1 22.99
(“Blue Leader” = Hasbro code name for ____? Best guess: Rogue One General Anton Merrick killed in the Battle of Scarif. “R” might = Rogue One)
AF SW BLK 6in VICTOR 2 w THRONE EXCL(USIVE) 39.99 (Note the higher price of $39.00. “Victor” may be a codename for Snoke from Star Wars Episode VIII, and this GameStop exclusive includes his throne.)
AF SW BLK 6in E8 Victor SD 9/1 22.99 (This is likely a stand-alone 6-inch Supreme Leader Snoke from Ep. VIII.)
AF SW BLK 6in E8 BL GUARDS OF EVIL 4PK EXCL 89.99 (Another GameStop exclusive. Get ready for a Black Series 4-pack to include an unknown combination of Royal Guards, either from past episodes or an introduction of old-style and new Royal Guards that accompany Snoke.)

We express no opinion on the “Poopy Butthole 5in” action figure referenced at the top of the GameStop list (see photo) – mostly because it has nothing to do with Star Wars.

We will know how much of the GameStop list is accurate or comes to fruition by Sept. 1, 2017, when Force Friday II launches globally to celebrate the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi products. The Last Jedi premieres Dec. 15, 2017.


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