Spotted at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge: Is That a Baby Yoda?

November 24, 2019 – Just in time for another maddening Christmas or Holiday toy search comes Baby Yoda, first introduced to us in Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian.

At the “young” age of 50 years old, Baby Yoda has popped up seemingly everywhere on social media in the last few weeks.

For those eager to acquire him/her, Disney, Hasbro and other toymakers are scrambling to meet expected high demand. CNBC is reporting that Baby Yoda apparel and accessories will soon be available at Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s and others perhaps by Black Friday (Nov. 29th). Disney says that plush toys and other items will be rolling out in the weeks after that.

But there is another source immediately available, even if the item isn’t exactly the Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

The wide eyes and diminutive size of this Yoda makes him look like “Baby Yoda”. He’s in stock at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge for $22.99 (Photo Credit:

The Batuuan villagers at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – both at Walt Disney World and Disneyland – have been selling their hand-stitched version of Yoda since both themed lands’ openings several months ago. The plush doll is available at the Toydarian Toymaker stall. (Photo Credits:

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“The Baby Yodas were nestled all snug in their beds / While visions of Blue Milk danced in their green heads….” (Photo Credit:

New Jango Fett Mug at Disneyland

November 20, 2019 – Have you ever wondered what happened to Jango Fett’s helmeted head after Mace Windu decapitated the bounty hunter in Attack of the Clones (2002)?

Apparently, Disney has decided to turn the helmet into a plastic cup with a hinged lid. Available at Disneyland, the Jango Fett mug sells for $13.99 and comes with a fountain beverage of your choice.

This cool-looking mug is available at Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. Your selected drink is served in a separate disposable cup, which fits inside the mug and helps to keep it clean/sticky-free after you’re done with your drink. (Photo Credit: Chris Green/

But Jango isn’t the first Mandalorian to see his helmet turned, unceremoniously, into a drinking vessel for tourists’ delight. That dubious honor goes to Boba Fett four years ago, whose drink-from-me helmet was sold at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The 2015 review is HERE of what Disney called its “Boba Fett Stein” ($9.99 complete with beverage). Similar to the Jango Fett incarnation, the colorful Boba Fett mug was made of plastic, had a hinged lid, and a stationary broadband antenna/range-finder. The mug was available for a limited time at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends event in May, 2015 – and it quickly sold out.

Four years later and now four dollars more, you can add the Jango Fett mug ($13.99) to your collection while supplies last. No word yet on whether Disney will make the mug available at any of its other Disney theme parks or at its ShopDisney online store.

Jabba’s Sail Barge Is Blown Up Again

November 2, 2019 – Ever since the 4-foot long Jabba’s Sail Barge from HasLab arrived on collectors’ doorsteps in March, 2019, a few fans have dared others: Who is going to be the first to sacrifice their Sail Barge to recreate the explosion scene from Return of the Jedi (1983)?

“The Star Wars Show” contrasts the explosion of Jabba’s Sail Barge seen in “Return of the Jedi” (left) with a set explosion of HasLab’s Sail Barge (right).

Initially sold at $499.99 each – and now selling for more than double that price on the secondary market – all copies of The Khetanna have survived intact, until now.

Lucasfilm stepped up to the challenge and re-created the explosive scene in the same building where the original model was blown up for ROTJ 36 years ago. You can watch the 4-minute long video below courtesy of The Star Wars Show:

While some fans professed sadness at seeing one of the limited edition Khetannas destroyed (see video below), they can take solace in the fact that each copy is now even more valuable. Only 8,810 models were officially ordered during the 2018 crowdfunding campaign.

New “Star Wars” Sweaters for the Holidays 2019

October 28, 2019 – The arrival of cooler weather and the winter holidays are a great excuse to refresh your Star Wars winter wardrobe., which offers a variety of geeky merchandise and is registered in England and Wales, is offering nine officially licensed Star Wars sweaters. Priced at $54.99 each, the knitted sweaters include free shipping to the UK, US and EU countries. Shipping time within the UK is about 2-5 working days. For non-UK countries, allow at least 10-15 working days and up to 30 days for any customs clearance.

The sweaters make great presents – even if you’re just gifting these to yourself!

New 8-Piece Star Wars Patch Set Available from Disney

October 10, 2019 – New from Disney is an 8-piece Star Wars patch set. Each of the eight letters, which together spell out the “Star Wars” logo, incorporates legendary characters from the saga.

The embroidered iron-on patches measure up to 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) wide.

The first three letters (“S”, “T” and “A”) pay homage to the Prequel Trilogy with images of a young podracing Anakin Skywalker, Jango Fett, clone troopers and the climactic dueling scene between Obi-Wan and Anakin.

The next three letters (“R”, “W” and “A”) show Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and R2-D2 on Tatooine; Han Solo and Princess Leia on Hoth; and a split-image of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, respectively.

The final two letters (“R” and “S”) show off Rey, Finn and Poe as well as BB-8 and D-0, a new droid we will soon be introduced to in The Rise of Skywalker.

Combined, the characters allude to all nine movies in the Star Wars saga.

Missing in the selection are some major characters, including fan favorites such as Chewbacca (squeeze him into the “W”); Boba Fett (pair him with Vader in the second “A”, moving Kylo Ren to the final “S”); and perhaps an Anakin-Padmé coupling. Difficult decisions, indeed.

Disney says the eight embroidered iron-on patches work best on denim and cotton fabrics. Or you can leave them in the 8″ H x 12″ W box (20.3cm W x 30.5cm H) or frame them as art.

The boxed set is $39.95 plus tax, available at, your local Disney store, and certain of the Disney theme parks.