Special Action Figure Set (Villain Set) at Tuesday Morning

March 4, 2014 – It really does pay to read through the online message boards and to cull readers’ tips. On JediTempleArchives, for example, I learned just yesterday that the Tuesday Morning discount store had a shipment of the Target Exclusive “Special Action Figure Set” at a great price ($11.99, but with the “Target Exclusive” sticker marked out by a black pen; MSRP is $19.99). And so this afternoon, I headed to Tuesday Morning (which I had never ever associated with Star Wars toys before!) and – voilà! – standing out amidst all the aisles of reduced-price junk and the bargain-shopping ladies, was one box each of the “Villain Set” and the “Droid Set”. (The Vintage Collection, first released July 2012)

SpecialActionFigureVillainSet-TuesdayMorningI purchased only the “Villain Set”, which includes one each of Sand People (in soft-goods clothing), Bobba Fett (a new variant), and an amazing Snaggletooth (one of the best detailed Snaggletooths ever and a new sculpt). Fan reviews at jeditemplearchives.com helped me to decide to pick this item up quickly. Below are two such comments:SpecialActionFigureVillainSet-SnaggleTooth
SpecialActionFigureVillainSet-Fan comments

I did briefly inspect the “Droid Set” (R5-D4, a dull-plastic-grey Death Star Droid, and a faded-tan Power Droid), but wasn’t that impressed. So I left the box behind for another purchaser who might be more interested. I just hope I don’t regret not buying it.

You can read a very detailed review of the set and see great photos here.


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