Custom-Made Plastic Playsets

September 12, 2014 – Look at the pictures below and see if you don’t do a double- or triple-take:

At first glance, these photos appear to be vintage Star Wars playsets produced by Kenner. But look again: They are custom-made (and not for sale) one-of-a-kind dioramas made by an individual (username: Jrnyfan on / ). He writes:

“I’ve been making diorama type playsets over the last year and a half and finally getting around to sharing photos around some of the different SW [Star Wars] sites. Mine are entirely (or mostly) made of plastic. I’ve been using something called Instamorph, shape-able plastic. I’ve recently entered into 3-D printing, too. While my playsets themselves aren’t for sale, I do have a small diorama parts store on my website, along with galleries of these and other playset creations…”

You can check out the incredible pictures and descriptions on his website:
The meticulous attention to detail is incredible. After marveling at these custom-made models, fans and collectors are pointing out Hasbro’s shortcomings and asking, “Why can’t Hasbro produce these?”

PlasticPlaysets-DeathStarThe Hasbro toy company, successor to Kenner, has been suffering over the years from inconsistent quality control (some bad paint apps, shoddy or questionable packaging); poor production decisions (too many pegwarmers and too few of the obviously popular characters, such as Boba Fett); and many missed opportunities. If Hasbro were wise, the company would consult with custom modelers, such as Brian ( In the meanwhile, we’ll continue to enjoy perusing the photos and descriptions at and fantasizing about what could have been.


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